So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish. - Douglas Adams

As some of you may have heard from many different sources, MCL will be merging with ArkhamNetwork at the beginning of February. The reason being is because the head-administrator team across the three networks have decided that it would be beneficial for both the community and server development to combine the networks. In this announcement, all questions should be covered regarding what will happen to donator ranks, servers, staff members, and the Forums/TeamSpeak Server.

Donator Ranks

Donator rank conversions have been listed below, keep in mind that we tried to make it as fair as possible being that we had to convert 7 donator ranks into 5. Also, nobody will be transferred to Joker from their donator ranks, if you want Joker, you will have to upgrade from your transferred rank.

Anybody who donated for a Gkit, contact me after the merge on the Arkham Forums to receive a Buycraft voucher that is equivalent to the Gkit you purchased.

Once again, we made all attempts to make this as fair as possible for you all, if there are any complaints about these conversions, feel free to message me personally.


As you may guess, we cannot transfer over the server data across networks. So, this will technically be classified as a network reset for MCL. Anybody who doesn't have previous play-time on ArkhamNetwork will start off with nothing but their donator ranks that were transferred. I understand that this will make many of you mad, but this is the most we could do. Data migration could cause errors that would potentially corrupt a lot of player data, so we decided to avoid that issue and allow many of you to start clean.

Also, as I have said to a couple of people ingame, we will be having a brand-spanking new Jedicraft coming over to Arkham shortly after the merge. This sparkly Jedicraft will be equipped with new planets, new ships, classes, quests, mobs, and levels. Essentially, we're looking at a complete revamp for the betterment of the server.

Staff Members

This section will be short and simple considering a lot of the information regarding who is coming over and who is not is tight information at the moment. But many of the current staff members (about half of them) are not coming over due to unstated reasons. Those who are coming over will be contacted personally and will have their ranks transferred at the same time donator ranks are transferred over.

Forums/TeamSpeak Server

The forums will remain up for a couple of months after the merge, however, due to the functionality of this site becoming redundant and only serving as an archive, it will be shut down. The Arkham forums are very similar to the MCL ones in terms of functionality, though, the layout is a little bit different, so the adjustment shouldn't be too great. There is a link below to the forums if you wish to visit them.

As for the TeamSpeak Server, the address will automatically connect you to ArkhamNetwork's TeamSpeak shortly after the merge. All ranks will have to be set on there manually if you had one on MCL's TeamSpeak. To have yours set, contact myself or one of the Arkham staff members personally.


Q: Will bans and mutes be migrated?

A: No, as Arkham and MC-Legends use different ban systems and rulesets. Furthermore, we don't want to risk banning Arkham players if they have been permanently banned on MCL and other conflicts of that sort. This may be more work for staff, but it will help us avoid complications in the long run.

Q: What if I have purchased ranks on both servers?

A: If you have a higher-rank on Arkham than the converted rank from MCL, you will retain your Arkham rank and be awarded another voucher. We are currently determining how to conduct this.

Q: What about additional permanent items that I've purchased?

A: Permanent items are purchases that last forever (e.g. ranks, gkits, pets). As addressed by Zwak, ranks will be automatically migrated and gkits will be given as vouchers. Additional items such as pets and abilities will be handled on a case-to-case basis. Please message admins (or e-mail with a subject line containing "Purchase Migration" for assistance. Be sure to state your in-game name, package, and email used to purchase the item.

Q: What about TeamSpeak ranks and lounge permissions?

These will need to be applied manually. We will give instructions on how this will be done prior to the merger.

Q: What if I obtained ranks and gkits without purchasing (from the shop, crates, DPs, etc...)?

A: These will be transferred as part of our automatic conversion script.

Closing Notes

This is a network that has been chugging along for more than 4 years, it has had its good days, and its bad ones. This merge is meant to keep the community alive and make it thrive by allowing diversity as well as variety in gamemodes. Many of you may leave, and many of you may stay. The choice of which path you wish to take is yours. Those of you who are coming over, we'll see you all there!


ArkhamNetwork IP -

ArkhamNetwork TeamSpeak IP -

ArkhamNetwork Website -

ArkhamNetwork Buycraft -

Thank you all for playing on our server, and as always...

Stay Awesome Legends!

- ZwakJDII, vemacs, Confide, and the rest of the MC-Legends team